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MyBiome™ probiotics are currently available in the refrigerated dairy section at select Walmart stores nationwide. For a complete store list, click here.

Probiotics are microorganisms (typically bacteria or yeast) that when consumed provide health benefits, such as supporting digestion, regularity, immunity, colon health, weight management and vaginal health.*

Inside your body are trillions of live microorganisms collectively called the “microbiome.” Most of the microbiome is comprised of bacteria in the digestive tract. When properly balanced, the microbiome aids digestion, regularity, immunity, mood, weight management, heart health and much more.

CFU is an acronym for colony forming units, the recognized unit of measure for quantifying probiotics. It tells you the number of active bacteria in the product.

Prebiotics are nondigestible food ingredients that help support growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestine.* MyBiome™ probiotics contain “inulin” — a type of prebiotic plant starch that helps nourish good bacteria.

As with any dietary supplement, if you are pregnant consult a licensed health care practitioner before use.

Yogurt is certainly delicious and often nutritious. However, it may not deliver the higher quantities and specific strains of active bacteria you are seeking. Plus, it may contain unwanted sugar, artificial sweeteners and calories. Taking MyBiome™ probiotics provides a consistent, high amount of probiotic bacteria and a diversity of strains for specific health benefits.

To help maintain maximum potency and activity, all MyBiome™ probiotics should be stored in the refrigerator inside their original bottle packaging. Keep the bottle lid tightly closed.

MyBiome™ probiotics are available as separate Men’s and Women’s formulas, designed for the specific needs of each gender. If you are age 50 years or older, consider MyBiome™ Adult 50+ formula, which addresses changes in the digestive tract associated with aging.

As with any supplement, keep your licensed health care practitioner informed when taking these products. For best results, do not take MyBiome™ probiotics within two hours of taking antibiotics.

Many people experience occasional digestive discomfort when traveling. Taking MyBiome™ probiotics before and during your trip can help support your digestive and immune systems, as well as help your intestinal microbiome regain and maintain healthy balance.*

Each MyBiome™ product is designed to be taken every day to help replenish and maintain balance in your intestinal microbiome, as well as support healthy digestion and immunity.* MyBiome™ capsules can be taken morning or night, with or without meals.

MyBiome™ benefits may be experienced within 2-3 days of initial use. However, some people may experience mild gas and bloating when they first start taking probiotics. This is normal, and should go away within a short period of time as the digestive tract becomes more balanced. If you continue to experience digestive distress, stop use and discuss with your licensed health care practitioner.

Different bacteria strains provide different types of benefits within your intestinal microbiome.* That’s why MyBiome™ probiotics are formulated with a combination of bacteria strains to optimally affect good health.*

MyBiome™ enteric capsules are uniquely designed to help probiotics withstand stomach acid and reach the intestine active and alive. They are made from plant-derived materials (modified cellulose), not gelatin.

Yes. MyBiome™ probiotics do not contain any genetically modified organisms.*

Yes. MyBiome™ probiotics do not contain gluten or soy.

MyBiome™ probiotics are designed with a potency that is ideal for adults. Plus, they are delivered in unique, “enteric” VegCaps that are more easily swallowed by adults.

MyBiome™ is a brand name derived from the term “microbiome,” which describes the trillions of live microorganisms living within your body. Most of the microbiome is comprised of bacteria in the digestive tract. When properly balanced, the microbiome aids digestion, regularity, immunity, mood, weight management, heart health and much more. MyBiome™ probiotics are designed to support your microbiome.*

There are 5 key reasons to choose MyBiome™ probiotics over other brands:

  • Refrigerated storage to maintain maximum potency
  • Stomach acid survival with unique “enteric” VegCaps
  • 30 Billion potency‡ of active and alive bacteria
  • A combination of 18-24 different types of probiotic bacteria in each capsule to affect good health in a variety of ways*
  • Prebiotic fiber to help feed and nourish good bacteria in the intestinal tract*

Prolonged exposure to heat and humidity can kill probiotic bacteria. That is why we recommend storing probiotics in the refrigerator to help maintain maximum potency.

Stomach acid can be a harsh environment that kills many types of probiotic bacteria. To help ensure you get maximum benefit, MyBiome™ probiotics are placed within unique, “enteric” capsules that are designed to helpd protect bacteria from stomach acid to arrive active and alive in the intestine.