Stay Cool

Heat is bad for probiotics. In fact, it’s a killer. That’s why MyBiome™ probiotics are refrigerated—to better keep the bacteria inside active and alive.*

Acid Proof

Stomach acid is another probiotic killer. That’s why MyBiome™ probiotics are made with unique, plant-based “enteric” capsules designed to survive stomach acid and help deliver active bacteria into your intestinal microbiome.

30 Billion Strong

MyBiome™ probiotics are made with 30 billion live cells‡, a powerful amount to help replenish and balance bacteria in your digestive microbiome.* That means there’s nearly 4x more live cells in each MyBiome™ capsule than there are people on the earth.

Many Strains for Many Needs

MyBiome™ probiotics are packed with a diversity of different bacteria strains, each with unique health benefits.* The men’s and women’s formulas both have 24 scientifically-researched  strains balanced for the needs of each gender, while the adult 50+ formula has 18 strains balanced for the changing needs as we age.

Prebiotics: Food to Grow

MyBiome™ probiotics also contain “prebiotic” inulin (plant fiber), a special food for probiotics that helps them thrive and grow in your digestive microbiome.*

Clean Formulas

MyBiome™ formulas are clean and straightforward, without unnecessary excipients or synthetic ingredients.

  • Vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free
  • No preservatives or capsule coating
  • No magnesium stearate

About Us

MyBiome™ is a new, innovative brand from LifeTime® Nutrition — a leader in refrigerated probiotics both in capsule and liquid delivery forms. All LifeTime® products are produced to premium quality standards.